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Dirty South Shows

Hello Bloggers,

Bellflur will be playing some shows down south, Our mini-tour dates are January 7th-9th.

January 7th Knoxville, TN Preservation Pub w/ Boys of Summer

January 8th Asheville, NC Emerald Lounge w/ Kovacs and The Polar Bear and Nights Bright Colors

January 9th Durham, NC (It will be just Bellflur that night) Broadstreet Cafe January 9th

We are in preparation for finishing the recording for our upcoming album, We have some days lined up at Inner Ear Studios (WOO HOO!) with our bestest friend Eamonn Aiken at the helm of this Mad, Gigantic, Monstrosity of a vessel that smashes into ever iceberg that it sees of a ship named Bellflur.

So come on out and show some love for Bellflur because Bellflur loves you, not really Bellflur loves Bacon more than you. Sorry, It's not you really! it's Bellflur, we can still be friends right?


cute cat right?

no, everyone be on guard around tom's cat yoshimi. she is vicious. she will hurt you. she will hurt your children if you have any.

she holds no regard for peoples feelings either physical or emotional. she sits like a little pudgeball looking all cute and will talk to you and want you to play with her.

then you do, and she unleashes hell on you like the spartans did in that 300 movie.

the picture above shows her reaching out being cute as can be. today was alot like this with me and yoshimi hanging out on the couch with patrick waiting for practice to begin until yoshimi's unquenchable bloodlust kicked in and she tore my lip wide open spilling blood all over toms carpet. as i ran to the bathroom to repair my damaged visage i looked in the reflection of the bathroom mirror and through the arterial spurts i saw the little devil rolling in my blood screaming that she wants all her kitten hair to be soaked in the blood of those she vanquished.

Oh HAI!!! can i has ur BLOOOOOODZZZZ?

Do not trust this cat


winter hideaway-ing??


whats this picture you might be asking yourself

well, i will tell you

it is a track listing of possible songs for our long awaited-by ourselves more than anyone else-new album. we are still working on a title for it, although we have some possible ones we are tinkering and tankering with.

i think eamonn more than anyone else will be pleased as punch when this thing is over with and he has time to spend the millions he has been making off of a band who make their modest living as the people being dunked in the dunk tank at the moco fair.


it's getting cold

i just walked for a half hour with my puppy Floyd listening to Beck's album, the information and came to the realization that it is cold.

add to that the discovery that my argentine bones hold no favor for sort of weather. now you may argue that argentina has its share of cold weather and that it is indeed a temperate climate however i put to you this argument - i am argentine and i dont agree with cold weather. and i just asked my father to corroborate this story and.... he didnt. he claims to "like" cold weather although he admits he complains about it.

no, the picture above represents the argentina i grew up in. beaches. sun. warmth.

more news to follow.




Hello the Jammin Java show for Bellflur has been cancelled due to conflict of interest (to put it in a nice way) the show will continue with the other bands listed on the calendar but Bellflur will not be playing Oct. 2nd.

Now the GOOD news! IOTA the venue that is The love of my life, The shining beacon of hope , The Hall to my Oates, oh IOTA how I love thee... The Bellflur Big Band show went exceptionally well, thank you everybody that made it out on a chili, rainy night you will forever have a special place in my heart.

Thank You Brad from Cobra Collective, David from Sunchild, Eamonn from The Bonapartes and last but not least Susan from Exit Clov for being so professional and taking the Bellflur Big Band to the next level!

If you missed the Bellflur Big Band show maybe, just maybe if you are good boys and girls and don't vote republican this coming election then maybe Bellflur will transform again into the giant awesome beast that the folks at IOTA got to see last night.

Do I really honestly think The Bellflur Big Band is that AWESOME yes, yes I do.

Stay tuned for details for the upcoming radio show




September Shows and a October Show !

Hello readers of BLOGS here are some upcoming Bellflur shows, These upcoming shows are going to be dare I say better than bacon, well...that might be pushing it I don't think anything is better than bacon.

September 12 Boiler Room Asheville, NC (2 Set Show)
We will be playing a show at the Boiler Room with The lovely Kovacs and The Polar Bear "WHY" you ask, because we do what we want that's WHY you gotta problem.

September 13 The Camel Richmond, VA
We will be playing at The Camel in Richmond, VA no the Camel isn't a real Camel hah hah you are so stupid. be there or be somewhere else if your somewhere else then you obviously have something better to do.

September 20th Spike Hill Brooklyn, NY W/ Seamonsters!!!!
Thank you Blake from Seamonsters for reminding me of this one YAY!! Spike Hill w/ Seamonsters this show will be MUY IMPORTANTE do not miss this one Bitches.

September 25 IOTA Arlington, VA
The Bellflur Big Band well be debuting at the wonderful IOTA club and Cafe we will have very yummy guests.... I mean special yeah that's what I meant, special. Bellflur doesn't eat people.....or do we? doesn't matter you'll never be able to prove it.

October 2 Jammin Java Vienna, VA
It will be great you will love it, you will leave Jammin Java with a hallucinogenic euphoric feeling, probably because we will be putting illegal substances in your drinks when you aren't looking....hah just really we will be putting illegal substances in your drinks.....I kid I kid...or am I kidding...alright I'm done that joke is so over.

In October we will be taking a quick break to finish up this beast of a cd. I think at this point we are rivaling My Bloody Valentine's Loveless except our cd hasn't cost anybody a million+ dollars to record (yet). sooo we are going to try and finish our wonderfully elusive cd(hopefully)sometime soon!

Stay tuned.




so we finally went back into the studio to finish our album. we are about to start our third day and already we have 5 songs done. its sounding great! (thanks to eamonn) we have been tracking alot of the songs live. it definitely makes a huge difference. here are a few pics of what we have been up to...

more to come!



Shows Shows and More Shows in July!!!


This is Hunter your friendly neighborhood drumming enthusiast. I'm at work right now and I don't feel like doing real work so I'm going to blog about some of our upcoming shows, here we go!

The Black Cat Washington, DC.
Finally back where we belong on the mainstage of The BlackCat on July 5th! Be there or be ummm.... not there or something.

The Rocket Club of Asheville, NC.
We will be playing some shows in my hometown! the first show will be at The Rocket Club on July 17th we will be sharing a set with none other than the wondrous Kovacs and The Polar Bear!

The Boiler Room of Asheville, NC
We will be playing the following night July 18th at The Boiler Room with the amazing Kovacs and the Polar Bear, Come check it out!

The NightLight of Chapel Hill, NC
We will be playing at the fantastical NightLight with Vinyl Cordova! hmmm tasty...

The Rock-N-Roll Hotel of Washington, DC.
After we make our way back to the wonderful DC Metro area we will spend some time working on the 2nd half of our much anticipated full length album with the extraordinary Eamonn Aiken! Then we will be playing a show at one of favorite venues The Rock-N-Roll Hotel with Go Home Robot on July 31st!

We hope to see you at some of these shows or all of them, preferably all of them.



of course

the links!!!
Brightest Young Things

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a quick update.

thought there was time and enough new things afoot for a quick update:
whilst we had intended on focusing on polishing songs and recording in May, we just booked another show...  had to be done. 
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Rock N' Roll Hotel
1353 H Street, NE - DC  20002
w/ Snowden, Colour Revolt, the Epochs
doors 8pm |  All Ages | $10 (advance)
we'll see you there.
next, bellflur had a few things written about us... and i say this for those of you who don't already know... as we've been giddy over the whole thing.  kind words were said and that is always a nice aspect to things such as these.
the first is a mini-review of our show at IOTA on monday, april 28th AND an interview on DCist.  it is here:
the second is a review of the same show appearing on brightest young things.  many a good photo were taken as well.  it is here:
Brightest Young Things
finally, an incredibly large bear-hug type thank you to emily and susan from exit clov.  they were with us for the past two shows at the black cat and IOTA lending their violins and voices.  as was completely expected... they sounded phenomenal!
speak to you soon.  keep your pant legs crumpled and your tattoos faded!!
- p

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bellflur tonight @ IOTA


We will be playing at IOTA tonight. This will be our first time there in a very long time.. So please come on out and show some love.. we will also be joined by Susan and Emily Hsu of The Exit Clov.

details below:

Monday April 28th 2008 @ Iota Club & Cafe
8:30PM $10

getting here from there…

IOTA is located at 2832 Wilson Boulevard in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arington, VA. Wilson Boulevard starts in Rosslyn, which is just across the river from Washington D.C. IOTA is just a couple miles up on Wilson, between Edgewood and Fillmore Streets.
Via Metro

IOTA Club & Cafe is located two and a half blocks East of the Clarendon Metro Station which is on the Orange Line. When you come up the escalator you are at the intersection of Wilson Boulevard and Highland Street. Cross Highland Street and walk down Wilson against traffic (it is one-way coming toward you). IOTA is two and a half blocks down on your right at 2832 Wilson.

Last trains leaving the Clarendon Metro Station:
To DC: Fri & Sat: 1:42 AM To Vienna: Fri & Sat: 2:17 AM
Sun-Thurs: 11:42 PM Sun-Thurs: 12:17 AM

This schedule may be subject to change. Check with the Metro System for accuracy.

Via Auto

From Points West:
Take Interstate 66 East. Take the Glebe Rd./Fairfax Drive Exit. The ramp turns into Fairfax Drive. Continue on Fairfax Drive for one mile and turn left on Wilson Blvd. (There is a Hess Gas Station on the corner at your right.) Stay in the left lane on Wilson Blvd. Go through a big wacky open intersection but stay in the left lane. (The road is now called Clarendon Boulevard going one-way East, but who cares.) Drive past the Fresh Fields Grocery Store and take a left on Danville St. Take a left on Wilson and we're just a block and a half up on the left.

From Points South:
Take 95 North to 395 North (toward Washington, D.C.) Continue North and take the Columbia Pike/Washington Blvd/Pentagon. exit. The ramp splits, go left toward Columbia Pike (not right to the Pentagon).The road becomes Washington Blvd. headed toward Clarendon, our neighborhood. Drive many, many blocks. Take a right turn at the third traffic light onto Highland Street. Go a couple blocks and take a right on Clarendon Blvd. Go a few more blocks and take a left on Danville St. (just past the Fresh Fields Grocery Store). Take your first left on Wilson Blvd. We're a block and a half up on the left.

From Points North:
You can take the Beltway 495 to I66 and proceed as if From Points West. Or you can go through Washington D.C. to the Key Bridge or the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge. Find Wilson Blvd in Rosslyin and proceed Westward to IOTA.

From Key Bridge: Simply drive straight into Rosslyn and take a right on Wilson Blvd. Drive many blocks and watch for the Fresh Fields and we're a half a block up on the left.

From Theodore Roosevelt Bridge:
Take the Lee Highway/Key Bridge exit. This is the last exit before the start of I66 West. Coming off the ramp, take your first legal left turn into Rosslyn. Take a right on Wilson Blvd and drive many blocks and watch for the Fresh Fields. We're a half a block up on the left.


There is ample parking near IOTA, including street parking, a public garage at 3033 Wilson and a private Colonial garage with reasonable rates at Fillmore and Clarendon Blvd. There is a construction project going on behind IOTA on Clarendon Blvd so that the little parking lot/alley next to IOTA is not available. Upon completion of the construction project, additional parking spaces will become available.

Free Garage Parking at 3033 Wilson Boulevard

Arlington County sponsors free parking in a safe, well-lit garage just two and a half blocks from IOTA at 3033 Wilson Blvd (entrance on Highland Street). The garage is available free to the public:

* Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 AM to 2:30 AM
* Monday through Friday: 5:30 PM to 2:30 AM

Directions from IOTA's front door: continue driving on Wilson Boulevard (which is one way) for two and a half blocks to Highland Street. Take a right turn on Highland Street and the garage entrance is on the right.

hope to see you there!



post black cat/ pre Iota


Hope you all are enjoying this lovely Saturday. the winter is finally leaving as i realize that i really dont like hot weather.. if i can only find somewhere that has the perfect pants/t-shirt or shorts/hoodie weather all year round.. hmmm

well anyway..

The black cat show the other night was really cool...thanks to seamonster for coming down from brooklyn as well as hundred hundred from WV. Those are a great bunch of guys/girl to hang out with.. cant wait for some future shows with them. and may i say.. i forget how funny the ped was.. he used to play with bellflur prior to his quest for knowledge and we definitely miss him. and you cant forget Dolla Bill for doing visuals for us. I really wish i could watch them while we play but i only get to sneek glimpses between double fisting keyboards..


we have new shirts!!!


they are ultra-comfort urban outfitters brand t's.. we buy only the best for our fans.. who wants to wear one of those cheap-o t's anyway?

i know what you are saying....

how do we charge $15 for a kick-ass, handmade t-shirt when they cost $16 for a blank one in the store??
well i sold my soul to the devil for a forbidden doughnut.. (mmmmmm)

we have plenty of sizes/colors available:
girls- xs,s,m,l
girl tanks- m,l
boys- s,m,l,xl

if you would like to purchase a shirt see us at one of our shows


if you like the design of the shirt and want something else printed w/ it on it let me know.. id be happy to make you a one-off bellflur shirt...

heres what they look like.

we also have some shows coming up.

Iota this monday... it will be our first time there so come on out.
emily and susan hsu from the exit clov will be playing with us again that evening.
they are fantasic... we love them.

Apr 28 2008 - 8:30P - Iota Club & Cafe -arlington, Virginia
May 25 2008 - 6:00P - WMUC -College Park, Maryland
Jun 4 2008 - 8:00P - The Colony Cafe -Woodstock, New York
Jun 6 2008 - 8:00P - Galapagos -Brooklyn, New York
Jun 7 2008 - 8:00P - The Lily Pad -Cambridge, Massachusetts

we will be also adding some more dates as time goes by.

ok time to refill my coffee..

hope to see you monday!
-Tom (and bellflur) for t's, cd's, love, etc.


Our Marathon of a day...

to all..

A big thanks to everyone who came out to show some love.. sipping coffee as i sit in staten island (puke) and reflect on yesterdays rat race of a day...

our day started at 9am.. loading equipment.. now i know what your saying... big deal.. but it is a big deal.. you try moving all our stuff...2 times.. before you'd normally wake up.

we played at the Crazy Quilt Festival in Greenbelt, MD. this was a departure from our normal shows.. for one we played at noon... and it was outside.. it was a really cool setup.. except that there was TONS of pollen falling on us while we played.
that does wonders for my allergies and the resale value of my pedals.. unfortunately we had to leave early and missed least common denominator and play w/ me...

Our day continued w/ another equipment-van load in and we headed up to nyc to play at Spike hill in williamsburg. despite the size of the stage it worked out great!!! it was a great place to play because there was no cover and there was alot of street traffic on bedford ave.. thanks to all who came and showed yr support. i met a bunch of cool new people and look forward to future endeavors.

ok time for a NYC bagel w/ bacon egg and cheese....

speaking of bacon...

carlos has been talking all this smack that he can eat 30 strips of bacon in one sitting. the bacon challenge will happen today..

there may be no more bellflur if carlos has a heart attack.. wish him/us the best.




thanks to all who came to the show at jammin' java. that place is awesome! Cant wait to play there again. Also thank you to the Society Of Art Rockers for putting on the show. we met alot of cool people and hope to see you all at the next shows. speaking of.....

Upcoming Shows!

Apr 19 2008 11:00A
Crazy Quilt Festival Old Greenbelt, Maryland

Apr 19 2008 8:00P
Spike Hill Brooklyn, New York

Apr 23 2008 8:00P
The Black Cat Washington, Washington DC

Apr 28 2008 8:30P
Iota Club & Cafe arlington, Virginia

more to come....


we made this video as a small preview/ glimpse into what has been going on while we are not playing shows.. we are in the Midst of recording a new album w/ Producer/engineer/photographer/international man of leisure, Eamonn Aiken. Most of the recording has been taking place at the bellflur mansion. We are also super excited to be working w/ Emily and Susan of the exit clov. We have worked w. them in the past but they will have a much more substantial role in the final product.. we are very excited.



Last Nights Show


Thanks to all who came out last night to the Rock and Roll Hotel. We had a great time playing w/ greenland, the coats, and the shakes. Big ups to Fritz at the R-n-R hotel for stepping up his game.. bigger/better stage, new speakers and a some new staff to control lighting and sound.. all in all made the whole show that much better. (for us) We definitly look forward to playing there again.

I, Tom, had the pleasure to meet some cool new people last night.. hope to see you all at the next few shows! speaking of..

Upcoming Shows:

April 5th- Jammin Java- w/ Spiraling

The Society of Art Rock is pleased to bring the airtight musicianship and explosive live show of New Jersey based Spiraling ( to Jammin Java for the first show of our Spring 2008 concert series. Local favorites Bellflur ( will open with their sonic layering and beautiful melodies. This All Ages show will begin at 6 PM at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA. Tickets are $15.

This All Ages event will be held at: Jammin Java
227 Maple Avenue East
Vienna VA 22180
For tickets: OR 703.255.1566 x8

The Society of Art Rock (SOAR), a 501(c)3 not-for-profit educational organization, was established in 2004 to advance the education of non-commercial music that mixes elements of classical, jazz, and contemporary rock styles into a musical form called Art Rock. Further information on SOAR is available at:

April 19th- Greenbelt, MD (early show)

April 19th- Brooklyn, NY w/ Seamonster (late show)
more info soon!

April 23rd @ The Black Cat- Washington, DC

Hundred Hundred

::cough:: old shool bellflur super-set reunion?

April 27th- @ IOTA Club & Cafe- Arlington, VA

w/ The Moderate and maybe the Beanstalk Library

Thanks and hope to see you soon!


New songs

Hello everyone,

Tom and I are on the way to record with eamonn at the Bastille. We are just about finished recording some new songs, some of which will be on a new EP we wil releasing in the very near future. The rest of which will be on our new album which should be coming out in the little bit later future.

The new website will be up next month as well and will have some nice treats on it as well.

We are listening to the new Mars Volta album right now and I love it and Tom ahs most of the drum lines memorized right now..... oh oh oh, he just switched it up to Vicktor Vaughn. Nice call.

The new Will Ferrell movie is going to be amazingl funny, which has nothing to do with the blog, but there it is. And it will be funny.

Video News

I posted a blog on our myspace about a new video we are working on and figured I would put it up here as well. We need anyone who likes to dance, you know, in the formal way. Wearing a suit and tie or a nice dress. It will be a nice waltz sorta deal and should only take a few hours to record, hopefully. More info will be available soon. If anyone is interested or knows anyone who might want to dres sup and dance for a bit please have yourself or them write to Carlos at

Will write more soon

i was going to leave a few nice pictures or so, but tom informed me there are no photos on this comp. So instead, just picture yourself with a nice slice of pizza and a front row seat at a Sigur Ros show. thats what I do when I am at work.