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it's getting cold

i just walked for a half hour with my puppy Floyd listening to Beck's album, the information and came to the realization that it is cold.

add to that the discovery that my argentine bones hold no favor for sort of weather. now you may argue that argentina has its share of cold weather and that it is indeed a temperate climate however i put to you this argument - i am argentine and i dont agree with cold weather. and i just asked my father to corroborate this story and.... he didnt. he claims to "like" cold weather although he admits he complains about it.

no, the picture above represents the argentina i grew up in. beaches. sun. warmth.

more news to follow.



  1. I don't see the pizza and hamburgers.

  2. And here I would have sworn you've been a Maryland boy for over a decade. ;) Anyway, it's not like having been born in Spain...