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Hey there! Rejoice! Bellflur is giving you a free download of "Insect Politics" from our forth-coming new record, "asleep.asleep." Its posted on our MySpace page (just scroll down abit when the page loads and look to the left). Just sign up on the email list and its yours!!! Don't worry... we don't bite... we love...
The new record is available June 8, 2010!!!
Hope you likes the track!! Just click on the MySpace picture below.


little longobardi...

...had a birthday wish come true today... even though its not his birthday.

yes, that's wayne coyne from the flaming lips.

yes, tom's wearing a bellflur shirt.

yes, tom is a big bellflur whore!! but that's why we love him ;)


Bellflur in Space.

In the grand tradition of David Bowie and Flight of the Conchords, Bellflur will be going to space on Saturday. We will be stepping through the door, floating in a most peculiar way, and sitting on our tin can far above the world. All of this will be occurring at 8 pm at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. It is likely there will be trekkies, R2-D2's, astronauts and us. And you! There's even a rumor that the male portion of Bellflur will be dusting off their suits. Too bad I'm already planning on wearing this:


We are Spring Flinging

There are cherry blossom petals in the air, tourists are causing traffic jams, and the 'Flur Warehouse is reaching a comfortable temperature again. It's spring! And Bellflur is more than ready to fling music at you. We are excited about the following things:

1.) The release of Asleep. Asleep. (LP)! Our beloved (by us) new album! More to come.
2.) The possibility of meeting astronauts at the NASA show on April 10.
3.) Dana's new pog pedal (pretty please).
4.) More Warehouse shows. And Vinyl.
5.) Waffle House. For some reason, Bellflur is always excited about Waffle House.
6.) Tomorrow Night!

We will be playing at the Velvet Lounge as part of the District of Sound Showcase. And we would probably love to see you there. Joke! We would DEFINITELY love to see you there.