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Thanks To Everyone Who Came Out Last Night

Thx to all who came out last night and supported all the bands it was really appreciated! Thx to Seamonsters, Bottles/Cans and Cobra Collective! We had a great time. We are playing in the DC area again next month so stay tuned!



BlackCat...BlackCat...April 24th Be There!

Come on out tomorrow night. it'll be fun I promise. The bellflur zoo will be making an appearance.


show show

above is the info.  friday night.  april 24th.

bellflur.  cobra collective.

what more does one need?  a seamonster, you say?  well...

seamonsters may be added here shortly.  they're not confirmed yet, but once they are, i'll have to redo that fucking flyer!

aren't you coming?