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Super Secret Record Store Show

Good evening all,

This post was given life to mention that we will be playing a show this coming Tuesday, April 12th, at Crooked Beat Records in Adams Morgan.  We will be playing a short set along with another great band Tereu Tereu.  Its a small space so please come and hold our keyboards for us so we dont damage any vinyl.

The show will begin at 7 o clock on the dot.  Retail merchants do not fuck around will schedules.  I think we may be leaving it up to a coin toss as to who goes on when.  So get the early for the coin toss ceremony and take a picture to show your children you were there.  Kids can spot photoshop.  Please.

Have a good night,


Tuesday, April 12th
Free Show! All Ages!


7pm @ Crooked Beat Records
2116 18th St. NW DC