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Interesting interview w/ Roger Waters

i watched this interview with Roger Waters today at work and was impressed with his thoughts behind aspects of the wall. I have always enjoyed the album to a great extent, but through the years it has drifted down my list of favorite pink floyd albums to listen to. I started to feel that the album, coupled with the movie, became too dark/dreary/sad, even for, to listen to too often. in another interview i had read with roger about the movie, he had alleged that he also thought it was too dark and didn't relate the humor, interesting, that he felt was present in the music/writing.
anyhow, i hope to have the money to purchase a ticket for his show this fall. it looks like it will be incredible from what i have read.
floyd listening chart (current) top 10
1. meddle
2. dark side of the moon
3. atom heart mother
4. the final cut
5. obscured by clouds
6. animals
7. wish you were here
8. the wall
9. saucerful of secrets
10. ummagumma