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hello there. many things abound as of late... most important of which is our new EP.


FINALLY!!!! after years of writing, working and recording, we have a new album set and done for you guys. It will appear in 3 separate releases.

1) Last Quarter of the 20th Century Blues (EP): 5 songs to give you a taste of the full-length album (3 of which will not appear on the full-length). RELEASE DATE: November 17, 2009.

2) asleep.asleep. (LP): long-awaited (by us more than anyone else possibly) new full-length album. 12 songs of quite possibly some of the most daring and craziest stuff we've done. we likes. RELEASE DATE: March 2010

3) Vinyl/Download/DVD: to keep things interesting, we'll be releasing a new record of an as yet undetermined number of songs... completely new ones!! this release, which will be made available on vinyl and for download only, will be paired with a DVD of live performance footage, studio outtakes, and a couple videos to go along with songs from the full-length "asleep.asleep." record. RELEASE DATE: approx. June 2010.

The first release, Last Quarter of the 20th Century Blues (EP), is already available for download on CDBaby. It will be up on Amazon mp3, iTunes and Rhapsody in the coming days. Snag it from CD Baby here: CDBaby.


we'll be heading off this evening for our showcase at CMJ 2009 tomorrow in the good 'ol NYC. we'll be up there all week, so feel free to come to the showcase or catch up with us else where around the festival. our showcase will be held:

Thursday, October 22, 2009
@ Local 269 (269 E Houston Street, Manhattan)


we've had several write-ups/interviews done in the past weeks. if you haven't noticed them and are at all interested, they are below.

1) District of Sound wrote a review of the band vis-a-vis our recent show at the Black Cat in DC. 'twas a big-band occassion (nine-pieces... full of strings, horns, projections, etc.). Read it by clicking here: District of Sound.

2) The fine folk at the Vinyl District reached 1,000 posts! As their 1,000th post, they featured 6 of the DC bands playing at CMJ this year... including us. True to the tone and focus of TVD, Patrick gave a synopsis of where Bellflur picks up their vinyl and why. Read it by clicking here: the Vinyl District.

3) Carlos just did an interview with UK-based website, Strangeglue, regarding all facets of bellflur... origins, influence, our CMJ stint, past, present, future... Read it by clicking here: Strangeglue.


All for now. We'll get back to you with more after CMJ. If you're in New York, we hope to see you there.

- flur