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Hey everybody I'm the new guy!

Hi my name is Hunter and I'm the new drummer for bellflur I've played a couple of shows with the bellflur kids but if we haven't met yet here's a little bit of info about me.

I'm an Aries, I like sushi, I have 8-10 nicknames some I like some I don't, I like to sleep, I like to drink beer, I like good beer but I'll drink a forty if I have to, I like summer fall and spring but I hate winter, I like artsy movies but not too artsy they have to have some intergrity, I like to play drums, I like bleeps and bloops, I like a lot of different kinds of music, I like the bellflur drinking team, I like food, I like tabasco sauce, I like zombie films,

Oh yeah I like Carlos,Pat and Tom they're nice.


hello neighbor..

well.. hot damn. I know we've said it a million times. BUT sorry for the delay in updates. there are a few thangs going on the the world de' flur.

1- A big thanks to all who came out to our caribou show! We had a great time and are looking forward to getting back out to play more shows.. speaking of..

2- A new show announcement! hereyee! hereyee!

October 28th @ the black cat
w/ XYZ Affair
Small Sins

3- we are also looking to whore ourself out around the east coast a bit.. you know some Mini-weekend-tour kinda thing. so if you or someone you know can help.. well then step up, playa.

4- our rehersal space has been vacuumed. i know what you saying.. "big deal"
well..thats right, it IS a big deal.. our space now smells like purple rain.

5- speaking of rehersal spaces..Here's a small glimpse into where "all the magic happens"

thats all for now..
we have practice tonight!

-DA Flur