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sneek peek

heres a few pics that will give you a small glimpse into what makes bellflur tick.

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gratitude is in order...

thanks to all who came up to "the mansion" on friday night to help celebrate tom's b-day.  he's an elderly man now... he's like 39 or something... ;)  kidding.  contrary to popular belief, he's the youngin' of the band.  and fyi (not to be too tardy on formal introductions)... that was our new bellflurian - casey - on drums.  he's swell!
anyways - been ages since i've been to a party such as that... much less play one.  we had deleted scenes, firedancers, crazy lights, good sound, several beverages, grills, firepits... and i'm amazed i can remember all of that.  and indeed, a thanks to all is in order:  beth for taking the photos (and schooling my ass in ping-pong), haley and jalin for beatin' the pots and pans on our opening song (kids can be so damn cute sometimes...), deleted scenes for opening and making things start off on the right foot (very much lookin' forward to the tour), all the firedancers, tom (not birthday tom) and Scenes for providing lights, chris for keeping the grill moving, everyone else who lent a hand in the set up and preparation (sorry, i'm terrible with names), and all the friends... and complete strangers... who came out to enjoy it...
... perhaps next time, we can avoid having the fuzz put the kibash on the festivities and mess everything up ;) 
a special thanks and relief to "Mouse" (myspace name - sorry i haven't officially met you yet and am not aware of your real name), who walked away from the party with two staples in her head after trying to tackle the sharp end of ping-pong table (or was it the fireplace mantle??).  at any rate, thanks so much for being in such good spirits about the "ping-pong accident."  you can read about her wounds (and see them if you're so inclined) here  we were worried about you and we're all very glad you're okay.  free entrance to the next show for you!  and a t-shirt!  perhaps a button!  we'll keep you away from the ping-pong table next time ;)
thank you all.
-patrick (on behalf of the other boys as well)

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