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Day Two- Inner ear

well.. we crushed day two..

4 songs down today. We started around 2pm on a full belly of weenie beenie. hit it hard till around 5pm and broke for dinner at IOTA.. one of our favoritest clubs . finished up around 1am

Activate yr canceled check


we can build you

insect politics (new and improved version)

I'm tired and I left my camera at the studio.. pictures in the am (around 1pm)


inner ear day one

So after what felt like years.. the day finally came. the final recording sessions at Inner Ear Recording Studios. Ill be honest, Ive never been there and knew a little about it.. which i think made the experience all the greater..

where to start...

the day started just like other random bellflur outings. A car full of gear. stairs. heavy items. pick up. put down. push. slide. you get the point..

as soon as our gear was situated i had to start exploring. First thing.. Very cool space, awesome vibe. Then the cd's, records, and posters caught my eye.. the list of musicians that have recorded there, to me, is extremely interesting and inspiring. A ton of the albums were created there were albums that i grew up listening to.. so that hit home to me.. It must be how super religious people feel when they go to a shrine or church..

we got set up and decided to tackle the song "fits and stops and starts." This one is pretty straight forward.. clean bass/los axe/ hatrick axe/acoustic-n-electronic drums/rhodes.
tracked it no click, all live w/out vocals. nailed it after running through it a few times..

growler time..

next song... I said.. NEXT SONG

(incase you cant tell.. im tired..)

and its late..

(so late theres an infomercial on selling makeup)

hmm carlos would look good in guyliner



Saltine Challenge


Eamonn really thinks he can do this..

the world record is 6 saltine crackers in one minute. (no water allowed!)

that means you'd have to eat 7 to beat it....

im down for trying..but i highly doubt i have the lubrication to make it happen..



instead of working.............


today while i was supposed to be getting ready for the studio this week i started playing a song by the band sparklehorse and ended up making a little video.

the song is called "sad and beautiful world"

if i havent made you sick of their stuff yet you should listen to them.  there arent many bands i listen to as much as sparklehorse.  except maybe they might be giants.  or the mars volta.  and i am getting back into my pink floyd obsession again.  however i find that each time i get back into pink floyd i get more and more fixed on a smaller portion of their catalogue. now i am not going any further than meddle, with maybe a hint of dark side.  but then i tack on the final cut as well.

oh yeah, check out a band called mum if you have not already.  they are from iceland. they are special. they have lots of toys.

have a good night and remember to vote in our bacon  vote.  we need to have answers!!!!!

-the black rhino



so we met last night w eamonn and tracked a few last demos of new tunes. we are all very excited to go into the studio and finish this album!

oh yeah..

tried to break the world record for "Ferrero Rocher's"

6 in one minute.. sounds easy.. trust me its not..
(especially when your a puker)

onto the next challenge..



i decided to make a list of things i wanna do...

1- get in guiness book of world records
2- join the MLE (major league eating)
3- join a curling league
3- get a 67 mustang gt500e
4- go to iceland
5- tour japan/europe
6- skydive (and live)
7- learn how to weld
8- build a motorcycle
9- invent/patent something
10- enter the national rock/ paper/ scissor contest.
11- beat the 77oz steak challenge
12- see the pyramids
13- go into outer space
14-motorcycle tour of sicily -

i am taking advice, contributions, convo, and donations for my new endeavors.



New Hat!

Allyson made me a hat! its sweeeeet!

thank you so much!


dirty south pics

here are a few pics from the south leg.

flur's mecca
4 times in 3 days..

sun sphere, knoxville, tn

softest cat ever.. he showers

preservation pub

gnr faces

girl scout headquarter.. closed
no cookies for bellflur

this doesnt even make sense

mmm.. food


nothing scares me!!!!!!!

....least of all the dead flesh of pigs.

signed - carlos, with love

bacon warning..

so our friend, Allyson, emailed me today to warn Carlos!

apparently carlos may die if he accepts the bacon challenge part duex.

her message was as follows:

Google the following....sodium toxicity, hypernatremia, before the challenge. The last video you shot shows symptoms, as in lethargy.

When the sodium concentration in the blood is extremely high, it affects the brain cells. As this occurs, the patient experiences muscle twitching, and begins to feel tired and confused. Eventually, severe hypernatremia can lead to coma and death, especially in young children and the elderly.


according to the net..

30 slices of bacon (approx. 2 lbs) has:

your only suppose to have 2400 mg of sodium a day..

you do the math....

should he try 50 slices?!?!


Tennessee, TENNESSEE, Tennessee!

Hello all..

So we are amidst our southern tour.. so far its been great! we left tuesday night, headed down to Roanoke, VA to stay the night.. the weather was terrible on the way down.. raining buckets! we finally arrived at the quality inn hunter and i called dibbs on beds.. los and patrick decided to hit up the Waffle house at 4am... they came back full o' bacon. los slept in the car, patrick on a towel (suckers!)

11am Wednesday! Waffle house, round 2.. All-Star Breakfast all the way around. during the middle of breakfast Los professed his love for waffle house bacon and said "i could probably eat 50 of these" LOS... didnt you learn from last time?!?! stay tuned for The bacon challenge Round II..

We arrived in Knoxville, TN around 5pm to play the preservation pub. The club was really cool.. to be honest.. i wasnt expecting much from Tennessee. We played with the boys of summer from ashville. They were awesome! (and really cool) We didnt eat anything all day and decided to go for the liquid-lunch and dinner

We went on stage around 11pm. played a set Chock Full o' New tunes..

set list:
shorty reprise (new)
brief physics
fits and stops and starts(new)
7/8 (new)
gray sparkle(new)
we can build you(new and improved)
rhythms of waking and sleeping(new)
insect politics

after the set we met a TON of cool people.. Alexia, Josh, Michael just to name a few..
we got to know our new friends a little bit more.
Alexia and Josh offered their house to us so that we didnt have to drive to ashville post-show. they were uber hosts and will forever be friends of the flur

Michael Dennis.. where do i start.. he missed our set but was super cool and we got talking about music and all the good things in life (gear) He's a jazz whistler, with a 4 octave range! he convinced us to play another set and we were super stoked to invite him to share the stage w/ us for our second set. kaoss pads and whisters go hand and hand...

our second set.. we went on about 1:30am
(after not eating since 11am and drinking since 5pm)

well we tried to eat the bars version of "food" which was super hard "soft pretzels" and nachos that made movie theater nachos look like they came from the ritz-carlton..

first to the moon
big promises

we closed the bar down and then headed over to josh and alexias place.. when we arrived there was pizza and chocolate covered dates waiting ! (which were like HUGE rasinettes) Josh has a super cool cat, is a dj, makes art and homemade digeredoos. Alexia is a cellist and had to get up at 6 to go work! what a trooper. With a nice nights sleep we headed onward to Ashville, NC! We had a blast in Knoxville and will be back soon! we promise. word is they have happy hour in the sun sphere!

along the way we had a run-in with the law.. carlos got a speeding ticket.. but luckily the cop was sorta cool..
we were all Starving!!! and where did we stop.. yes, Waffle House... (round III) Our waitress kept playing songs on the juke box.. classics.... Sweet child o mine, barracuda, and many more....

we got to Ashville and are now at Hunters moms place showering up, eating, and getting ready for our show tonight w/ Kovaks and the polar bear at The Emerald Lounge!

sorry for the random, half written sentences.. but my head hurts and I need some more sleep.