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well hello dar

its seems an update is in order. so many things afoot. so many foot athings.

first, we had the grand opportunity to open for efterklang at DC9 last night. efterklang is from denmark. efterklang is amazing. efterklang is comprised of incredibly hospitable, sincere (tall) people. you should listen to them if you haven't: if you were at the show, then you know! and if you were at the show, then thank you very much for coming. hopefully we'll have some pictures from the splendid occasion up soon.

but the show was great and we were very lucky and pleased to have emily and susan (exit clov), elizabeth (meredith bragg), and brad (cobra collective) to come on stage and play almost the entire set with us. i'm not gonna be so audacious to say that bellflur is good... but the point is that these fine folks add something mighty fine and special to our sets, so many thanks again.

bellflur has officially moved its location from a mansion to a warehouse. its a great spot and will be stellar once its done (meaning that carlos and tom and working feverishly to finish constructing some rooms and a bathroom). there will be more than just mere rehearsals going on at the warehouse (i.e., intimate shows with many a DC band) once its complete, so keep your ears open for word of that once it gets swingin'.

you may have noticed the myspace page has undergone several updates and changes. as well as managed page, and a reverbnation page. we're gonna be a bit more proactive on that end.

shows are being booked may - july at the moment (some are getting posted as we speak... or as i type rather).

the album. ahhhhh... the album. while the actual recording of the album is complete, our dear friend and compatriate, eamonn aiken (who engineered the album), has officially moved his studio, the bastille, into the confines of innear ear studios in arlington, va. anybody and everybody in dc who is interested in acheiving some amazing sounding recordings should look him up pronto. but anyways, he's been busy wiring his studio together over there, so once he's done, we're on to mixing... then mastering... then distribution... then touring... then retiring...
haha! never! bellflur will never retire... i envision us as 82 year olds on a front porch somewhere trying to wire some crazy shit into our acoustic guitars and banjos because we've lost the strength to carry all of our equipment!

lots of more things to come from the bellflur front, including new videos and snipets of the forthcoming album. grab a chair and plant yourself in front of this page, sporadically hitting the refresh button for more updates later.

or in the meantime... go see deleted scenes at the black cat this weekend. dear friends. colleagues. incredible performers.

take care.




good evening everybodys,

i, carlos, wanted to write and invite anyone interested in hearing some good music with lots of musicians to dc9, , next thursday as we are playing a show with some friends who help us inflate our group from 4 meager members to an astonishing 8!!!!!!! how can we possibly fit that many people onto the dc9 stage with all the equipment we have??? it will cost you a small entrance fee, a mere pittance, to come watch in real life/full color/surround sound/spectravision/digi-resolute-megapixel mayhem.

thsi show is going to be so much fun that my cat, p-kitty, wants to make the long trek out to dc to see it, and he hears this shit all the time. ALL the time. that is quite a compliment for a group to receive from a cat.

he doesnt like to be roused from his naps and he is almost always napping.

so come on out and catch all the boring regulars, myself, hunter, patrick and tom and the newbies, brad, susan, elisabeth and eamonn, who isnt a newbie at all actually, help us seem like we are brand new and exciting. we will be playing brand new and exciting new tyme songs. wearing new fashions. and undoubtedly be smelling factory floor new and fresh.

dont be stupid. come on out.

i didnt even mention the second best part. we are playin with efterklang, from fucking denmark. that is where legos come from. and lars von trier. so two out of the the two thinks denmark has given the world are baddass. they obviously subsrive to teh quality over wuantity theory espoused for some time now.

my cat just curled up on the keyboard while i am typing this. he wants the show to be such a success he is even helping with this posting.

have a goodnight everybody.

p-thanuel kittybottom