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So Bellflur is done tracking the upcoming album, now it's time for mixing and mastering! WOO HOO!!!! Here are some pics of the wrap up overdubs.

This is what all overdub sessions need! Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre stopped by for a little bit, look out for that Bellflur/Snoop mash not really....No but really.....No not really, it was pretty sweet.
Nothing like a creepy mannequin head watching you while your trying to use the bathroom....."Do I need any help? No thanks mannequin head, I think I got it from here.

The new Inner Ear mascot! This kick ass jack-a-lope was caught by  Tom"Bad ass Bassplayer/Synthplayer" Longobardi. Thanks Tom!

Sweet Dinosaur!!!!!! This is a portrait of EA's pet. He is a super cool Rock N Roll Dinosaur YA HEARD.
Best place EVER to drink beer while watching Sonic Youth's "The Year Punk Broke" in between recording sessions...And a little bit of MarioKart is nice too!

Carlos putting some of the final synths on the record. ROCK!!!!!

Thanks to all the additional musicians who helped make this an awesome album!

Emily and Susan from Exit Clov
Dan and Fatty from Deleted Scenes
Brad from Cobra Collective
May from Pree
Damn it I know I'm forgetting someone.....oh well I'll remember on the next blog




Tracking of the New Bellflur Record

ahhh.... completion!!

never have i felt so over (or first) to the moon about finishing anything in my life as i do this new record. just last week, we went into eamonn's new studio, the bastille, (housed over there at inner ear studios) to do the last bit of vocals, and one or two choice synth overdubs. we were joined by some close friends, em and susan (exit clov) and dan (deleted scenes), all of whom lent their vocals to a song or two and by the end of our three half-day sessions, this beast of an album, and tracking thereof, was laid to rest .

we started this shindig with eamonn (not knowing what he was getting himself into at the time) back in October 2007. we tracked three songs: brief physics, shooting an elephant, and insect politics (then called insect politician). insect got scrapped and thrown away for about a year. elephant made it through as did brief physics. flash forward to april 2009! the tracking of this thing is complete, what with 15 songs in total ready and available at our disposal. and we likes it. we feel as though all the revisions, reworkings, debates, collapses and restructurings of the songs has paid off. in total, we've had 13 people (including ourselves) perform and track on thsis record! strings. choral ensembles. horns. stylophones. marching drums. mellotrons. lord knows how many guitars and pedals. at the moment, i think we're basking more in the fact that we've finished it, rather than the fact that we likes it. but we hopes you will likes it too!

we have obvious next stages... mixing, mastering, production. we've got all of this tentatively lined-up, so hopefully, we'll get this thing done and out there without letting another year and a half go by. ;) and there are plans, plans, plans. in the meantime, we've got a lot of shows lined-up (and many more getting scheduled) for the rest of the spring and into the summer and fall... so keep a look-out... you'll find a short listing to your right!
sleep well.