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Hello the Jammin Java show for Bellflur has been cancelled due to conflict of interest (to put it in a nice way) the show will continue with the other bands listed on the calendar but Bellflur will not be playing Oct. 2nd.

Now the GOOD news! IOTA the venue that is The love of my life, The shining beacon of hope , The Hall to my Oates, oh IOTA how I love thee... The Bellflur Big Band show went exceptionally well, thank you everybody that made it out on a chili, rainy night you will forever have a special place in my heart.

Thank You Brad from Cobra Collective, David from Sunchild, Eamonn from The Bonapartes and last but not least Susan from Exit Clov for being so professional and taking the Bellflur Big Band to the next level!

If you missed the Bellflur Big Band show maybe, just maybe if you are good boys and girls and don't vote republican this coming election then maybe Bellflur will transform again into the giant awesome beast that the folks at IOTA got to see last night.

Do I really honestly think The Bellflur Big Band is that AWESOME yes, yes I do.

Stay tuned for details for the upcoming radio show




September Shows and a October Show !

Hello readers of BLOGS here are some upcoming Bellflur shows, These upcoming shows are going to be dare I say better than bacon, well...that might be pushing it I don't think anything is better than bacon.

September 12 Boiler Room Asheville, NC (2 Set Show)
We will be playing a show at the Boiler Room with The lovely Kovacs and The Polar Bear "WHY" you ask, because we do what we want that's WHY you gotta problem.

September 13 The Camel Richmond, VA
We will be playing at The Camel in Richmond, VA no the Camel isn't a real Camel hah hah you are so stupid. be there or be somewhere else if your somewhere else then you obviously have something better to do.

September 20th Spike Hill Brooklyn, NY W/ Seamonsters!!!!
Thank you Blake from Seamonsters for reminding me of this one YAY!! Spike Hill w/ Seamonsters this show will be MUY IMPORTANTE do not miss this one Bitches.

September 25 IOTA Arlington, VA
The Bellflur Big Band well be debuting at the wonderful IOTA club and Cafe we will have very yummy guests.... I mean special yeah that's what I meant, special. Bellflur doesn't eat people.....or do we? doesn't matter you'll never be able to prove it.

October 2 Jammin Java Vienna, VA
It will be great you will love it, you will leave Jammin Java with a hallucinogenic euphoric feeling, probably because we will be putting illegal substances in your drinks when you aren't looking....hah just really we will be putting illegal substances in your drinks.....I kid I kid...or am I kidding...alright I'm done that joke is so over.

In October we will be taking a quick break to finish up this beast of a cd. I think at this point we are rivaling My Bloody Valentine's Loveless except our cd hasn't cost anybody a million+ dollars to record (yet). sooo we are going to try and finish our wonderfully elusive cd(hopefully)sometime soon!

Stay tuned.