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new pics and tour


We have some new pictures and also a tour in the works.  check out our myspace page for the tour update.  In the meantime...heres a sneak preview

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the way things go...

generalized update...
there are several reasons why cubicles are bad.  at the moment, i think its because its making feel a bit nauseous.  sometimes its because you realize that you make a concerted effort on a 5-days a week basis to be boundaried and baracaded.  and what is a cubicle today, is going to be a cubicle tomorrow, and 5 years from now, and 25 years after that it'll still be the same cubicle (until they're updated to fall into further conformance with the latest trends in cubicle fashion and accessorizing or something)...
... which is why moments like last night are like chicken soup... they warm you up and move you on.  we did the rehearsal thing last night - ran through three or four tunes - a few steps, cancelled check, we can build you, brief physics (the latter three being new(ish) songs) with little twists and revisions here and there.  flavored accoutrements if you will...  i've enjoyed bellflur since my entrance into the world d'flur - however there seems to currently be an invigoration and just complete no-holds-barred aggression and fullness while playing... er... at least as aggressive as you can be with this music.  and that certainly seems true on all four [persons'] accounts.  there's a general push... feels like if you were to fall over a cliff or tumble down the face of a building and suddenly realize that regardless of the speed of your descent, you're not going to smack into the concrete... but rather it just keeps going and after a while it becomes more exhiliarating than anything else.  (heh, heh... holy failed metaphore, batman!!!). 
anyways, i think much of it may have to do with the fact that casey is now with us ('cause the kid has talent... to say the VERY least) - and just seems to seamlessly fall into a song... which is VERY nice.  i think much of it focuses on the fact that the new songs are coming along splendid-like - and push all of us to branch out and listen (which amazingly seems to be one of the main things bands and/or musicians seem to fall short in consistently... like their worst enemy... used happen to me all the time). 
tom is double-fisting keyboards, percussion, bass, and vocals from song to song.  c-los' new CP-70 i think has brought much inspiration from the keys end of things.  i don't know... sometimes you need to purchase new equipment or exploratory instruments to push you along (as i was discussing with a friend last night just before rehearsal incidentally).  but the bottom line is that i think something is happening within the ranks of bellflur... something that should be abundantly clear and obvious to you all soon.  and thoughts like these are the good ones... moments like these are the cherished ones... aspiration and determination such as this is the essential one... because the cubicle is no place for anyone... i tell you this to be true, kiddies.
- patrick

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at the moment, we're brainstorming... spit-balling if you will... over a
forthcoming jaunt into the open (some call this a tour, we call it a jaunt
into the open). whilst brainstorming, we eat tag-a-longs (as the girlscouts
are out in full force round the mansion). this here is my first post - i'm
not sure where to take from here as its sunday and i feel burnt... and the
tag-alongs are doing nothing to boost my waning energy levels. BUT... NEW
GEAR!! ;) Just put my kidney on deposit for a 90's reissue (made in
England) Vox AC-30!! fantastic. picked up an old Roland AP-2 phaser while
i was there. separate controls for rate and resonance. its funny, for all
of the boutique high end pedal manufacturers out there today, sometimes
vintage is just the way to go... and sounds better. also... since i sold my
novation bass station to tom, i picked up the vst version for use on the
laptop. i know... not the same... but whatever... if it grumbles loudly,
that's all i need. ON THE LOOKOUT FOR (let me know if you see one) - a
Farfisa Fast 2 or Fast 3 combo organ and a Lovetone Big Cheese fuzz pedal.

that is all for now. fly, fly, fly, fly.


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new tune new gear

los and i were up pretty late last night..crafting a beautiful new tune. 
thought you'd like a pic, so here....    we also have a bunch of new gear..
a la..   yamaha cp-70, korg ms2000, kaoss pad 3, novation bass station,
casio vl-tone and a speak and music... just to name a few.  
looking forward to the next show...  im positive you'll hear a difference.

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Bed Sores

The new guy is happy to be back from the dead. I awoke Monday morning to find that my 4 week sickness had been lifted. I had been ill for so long that I wasn't sure what "normal" felt like anymore. The signs were definitely positive though, I was out of bed, I could eat soup and I reluctantly turned my cell phone back on just to hear it ring. Any change was good and it was good to hear my phone ring, it was my anchor to reality, to society and to sanity. So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my kind Jessica for nursing me back to health, the miracle drug Zithromax and last but not band mates, for having a heart of gold. In summation, I would like to say just one more thing...( In the words of the great Dee Snider from Twisted Sister)....."I Wanna Rawk"!   Rawk!!


new member

just incase you didnt know... our battle w/ our revolving drummer syndrome has been ended..  we have finally found the missing member...    his name is Casey Buckner..   he is fantastic.

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a new is coming soon!
(that is when i finish it)