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the goings ons...

hello there.

bellflur has been mighty busy. mighty busy indeed!!

you'll be happy to know that the new album has completed mixing... done at the bastille with eamonn aiken and nick anderson at the helm! truly, truly great moments and sounds coming out of the mixing room. its nice to know there are folks out there who think and obssess about sound and gear as much as we do!

the EP and LP will be mastered by roger siebel at SAE Mastering (death cab, tortoise, cat power, pavement, pinback). incredibly excited and privileged to have his efforts and experience be the final piece to this marathon of a record!

so keep your eyes peeled and ear to the floor on all release dates and release shows!


a week or two ago, i had myself a birthday! blissful moments abound! we had a show on thursday the 9th at IOTA and the 10th (my b-day) at piano's in NYC. both shows were fantastic and much fun and random shots were had. thanks to everyone for the b-day shout outs and for attending the shows. glad to see we didn't let you down.

specifically, the IOTA show was a big-band-bellflur event: suits, ties, animal masks, strings, trumpets, the big piano, etc. many thanks are due to susan, barry and nick for sitting in with us and playing their asses off! many thanks also to jess and patrick of vox pop for opening the evening and getting on stage with us for some singing!! and to our boys, the moderate... kings amongst men you are!!


at the moment, we're working furiously to finish off some ideas for our new "BELLFLURITO" sets. essentially, if you've seen us live, you know we have alot of gear and tons of sounds smacking you in the pelvis-area from all directions. 'flurito is a smaller, simpler bellflur. less stuff... stripped back... same songs... revised ever so slightly. the first performance of Bellflurito will be this Friday, July 24th at Solly's on U Street. you should come by and check it out... we'll be in close quarters, so all the better to stare you in the eyes and touch eyelashes as we try to croon you into a melodious, love frenzy... not that we're advocating orgies on the premises or anything like that... no...


otherwise, we have a handful of shows in august as we're getting ready for... well... i can't give it away yet. ;) i'll tell you when you're older (to steal a line)...

July 24: Solly's, Washington, DC (Bellflurito Set)
August 8: Rock N' Roll Hotel, Washington, DC (w/ Five Four, Sweet Interference and Gaslight Society)
August 12: Asylum, Washington, DC (Bellflurito Set)
August 15: The Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NYC
August 19: The Kyhber, Philadelphia, PA (w/ Glass Empires)