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Dirty South Shows

Hello Bloggers,

Bellflur will be playing some shows down south, Our mini-tour dates are January 7th-9th.

January 7th Knoxville, TN Preservation Pub w/ Boys of Summer

January 8th Asheville, NC Emerald Lounge w/ Kovacs and The Polar Bear and Nights Bright Colors

January 9th Durham, NC (It will be just Bellflur that night) Broadstreet Cafe January 9th

We are in preparation for finishing the recording for our upcoming album, We have some days lined up at Inner Ear Studios (WOO HOO!) with our bestest friend Eamonn Aiken at the helm of this Mad, Gigantic, Monstrosity of a vessel that smashes into ever iceberg that it sees of a ship named Bellflur.

So come on out and show some love for Bellflur because Bellflur loves you, not really Bellflur loves Bacon more than you. Sorry, It's not you really! it's Bellflur, we can still be friends right?


cute cat right?

no, everyone be on guard around tom's cat yoshimi. she is vicious. she will hurt you. she will hurt your children if you have any.

she holds no regard for peoples feelings either physical or emotional. she sits like a little pudgeball looking all cute and will talk to you and want you to play with her.

then you do, and she unleashes hell on you like the spartans did in that 300 movie.

the picture above shows her reaching out being cute as can be. today was alot like this with me and yoshimi hanging out on the couch with patrick waiting for practice to begin until yoshimi's unquenchable bloodlust kicked in and she tore my lip wide open spilling blood all over toms carpet. as i ran to the bathroom to repair my damaged visage i looked in the reflection of the bathroom mirror and through the arterial spurts i saw the little devil rolling in my blood screaming that she wants all her kitten hair to be soaked in the blood of those she vanquished.

Oh HAI!!! can i has ur BLOOOOOODZZZZ?

Do not trust this cat


winter hideaway-ing??


whats this picture you might be asking yourself

well, i will tell you

it is a track listing of possible songs for our long awaited-by ourselves more than anyone else-new album. we are still working on a title for it, although we have some possible ones we are tinkering and tankering with.

i think eamonn more than anyone else will be pleased as punch when this thing is over with and he has time to spend the millions he has been making off of a band who make their modest living as the people being dunked in the dunk tank at the moco fair.