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post black cat/ pre Iota


Hope you all are enjoying this lovely Saturday. the winter is finally leaving as i realize that i really dont like hot weather.. if i can only find somewhere that has the perfect pants/t-shirt or shorts/hoodie weather all year round.. hmmm

well anyway..

The black cat show the other night was really cool...thanks to seamonster for coming down from brooklyn as well as hundred hundred from WV. Those are a great bunch of guys/girl to hang out with.. cant wait for some future shows with them. and may i say.. i forget how funny the ped was.. he used to play with bellflur prior to his quest for knowledge and we definitely miss him. and you cant forget Dolla Bill for doing visuals for us. I really wish i could watch them while we play but i only get to sneek glimpses between double fisting keyboards..


we have new shirts!!!


they are ultra-comfort urban outfitters brand t's.. we buy only the best for our fans.. who wants to wear one of those cheap-o t's anyway?

i know what you are saying....

how do we charge $15 for a kick-ass, handmade t-shirt when they cost $16 for a blank one in the store??
well i sold my soul to the devil for a forbidden doughnut.. (mmmmmm)

we have plenty of sizes/colors available:
girls- xs,s,m,l
girl tanks- m,l
boys- s,m,l,xl

if you would like to purchase a shirt see us at one of our shows


if you like the design of the shirt and want something else printed w/ it on it let me know.. id be happy to make you a one-off bellflur shirt...

heres what they look like.

we also have some shows coming up.

Iota this monday... it will be our first time there so come on out.
emily and susan hsu from the exit clov will be playing with us again that evening.
they are fantasic... we love them.

Apr 28 2008 - 8:30P - Iota Club & Cafe -arlington, Virginia
May 25 2008 - 6:00P - WMUC -College Park, Maryland
Jun 4 2008 - 8:00P - The Colony Cafe -Woodstock, New York
Jun 6 2008 - 8:00P - Galapagos -Brooklyn, New York
Jun 7 2008 - 8:00P - The Lily Pad -Cambridge, Massachusetts

we will be also adding some more dates as time goes by.

ok time to refill my coffee..

hope to see you monday!
-Tom (and bellflur) for t's, cd's, love, etc.

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