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Our Marathon of a day...

to all..

A big thanks to everyone who came out to show some love.. sipping coffee as i sit in staten island (puke) and reflect on yesterdays rat race of a day...

our day started at 9am.. loading equipment.. now i know what your saying... big deal.. but it is a big deal.. you try moving all our stuff...2 times.. before you'd normally wake up.

we played at the Crazy Quilt Festival in Greenbelt, MD. this was a departure from our normal shows.. for one we played at noon... and it was outside.. it was a really cool setup.. except that there was TONS of pollen falling on us while we played.
that does wonders for my allergies and the resale value of my pedals.. unfortunately we had to leave early and missed least common denominator and play w/ me...

Our day continued w/ another equipment-van load in and we headed up to nyc to play at Spike hill in williamsburg. despite the size of the stage it worked out great!!! it was a great place to play because there was no cover and there was alot of street traffic on bedford ave.. thanks to all who came and showed yr support. i met a bunch of cool new people and look forward to future endeavors.

ok time for a NYC bagel w/ bacon egg and cheese....

speaking of bacon...

carlos has been talking all this smack that he can eat 30 strips of bacon in one sitting. the bacon challenge will happen today..

there may be no more bellflur if carlos has a heart attack.. wish him/us the best.



  1. Great show in Greenbelt. Too bad that you couldn't have played longer.

  2. I agree, that was a good show. It was the first time I've heard you guys, and you were impressive.