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Shows Shows and More Shows in July!!!


This is Hunter your friendly neighborhood drumming enthusiast. I'm at work right now and I don't feel like doing real work so I'm going to blog about some of our upcoming shows, here we go!

The Black Cat Washington, DC.
Finally back where we belong on the mainstage of The BlackCat on July 5th! Be there or be ummm.... not there or something.

The Rocket Club of Asheville, NC.
We will be playing some shows in my hometown! the first show will be at The Rocket Club on July 17th we will be sharing a set with none other than the wondrous Kovacs and The Polar Bear!

The Boiler Room of Asheville, NC
We will be playing the following night July 18th at The Boiler Room with the amazing Kovacs and the Polar Bear, Come check it out!

The NightLight of Chapel Hill, NC
We will be playing at the fantastical NightLight with Vinyl Cordova! hmmm tasty...

The Rock-N-Roll Hotel of Washington, DC.
After we make our way back to the wonderful DC Metro area we will spend some time working on the 2nd half of our much anticipated full length album with the extraordinary Eamonn Aiken! Then we will be playing a show at one of favorite venues The Rock-N-Roll Hotel with Go Home Robot on July 31st!

We hope to see you at some of these shows or all of them, preferably all of them.


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