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a quick update.

thought there was time and enough new things afoot for a quick update:
whilst we had intended on focusing on polishing songs and recording in May, we just booked another show...  had to be done. 
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Rock N' Roll Hotel
1353 H Street, NE - DC  20002
w/ Snowden, Colour Revolt, the Epochs
doors 8pm |  All Ages | $10 (advance)
we'll see you there.
next, bellflur had a few things written about us... and i say this for those of you who don't already know... as we've been giddy over the whole thing.  kind words were said and that is always a nice aspect to things such as these.
the first is a mini-review of our show at IOTA on monday, april 28th AND an interview on DCist.  it is here:
the second is a review of the same show appearing on brightest young things.  many a good photo were taken as well.  it is here:
Brightest Young Things
finally, an incredibly large bear-hug type thank you to emily and susan from exit clov.  they were with us for the past two shows at the black cat and IOTA lending their violins and voices.  as was completely expected... they sounded phenomenal!
speak to you soon.  keep your pant legs crumpled and your tattoos faded!!
- p

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