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New songs

Hello everyone,

Tom and I are on the way to record with eamonn at the Bastille. We are just about finished recording some new songs, some of which will be on a new EP we wil releasing in the very near future. The rest of which will be on our new album which should be coming out in the little bit later future.

The new website will be up next month as well and will have some nice treats on it as well.

We are listening to the new Mars Volta album right now and I love it and Tom ahs most of the drum lines memorized right now..... oh oh oh, he just switched it up to Vicktor Vaughn. Nice call.

The new Will Ferrell movie is going to be amazingl funny, which has nothing to do with the blog, but there it is. And it will be funny.

Video News

I posted a blog on our myspace about a new video we are working on and figured I would put it up here as well. We need anyone who likes to dance, you know, in the formal way. Wearing a suit and tie or a nice dress. It will be a nice waltz sorta deal and should only take a few hours to record, hopefully. More info will be available soon. If anyone is interested or knows anyone who might want to dres sup and dance for a bit please have yourself or them write to Carlos at

Will write more soon

i was going to leave a few nice pictures or so, but tom informed me there are no photos on this comp. So instead, just picture yourself with a nice slice of pizza and a front row seat at a Sigur Ros show. thats what I do when I am at work.

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