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Kawl-fee talk part duex

As I was writing the last post (Riding in Tom's car) I got cut off. Anyways, the Annex, cool bar, hip location, but that's about it. Manhattan is like the southern coast of South Africa, very strong current, rocky shores and full of sharks. If you're in a band and you want to play in Manhattan, the best thing you could do is get everyone you know, put them in a bus and drive them up to the club that you're playing at and install them as your audience. I hope that explains the scene there. O and try to dress like you're in Interpol.
West Chester, PA..It's a small town right outside Philly. Cool little town that reminded me of Annapolis. The venue was Rex's and the place was serving up $1 PBR's and for $3 you got a PBR and a shot of whiskey. They kept the bands happy with 3 free pitchers and I think Rex's had a small built-in crowd that obviously came there for the cheap booze. The show went well, good response and the load-in/load-out went pretty easy. As for the accommodations, our good friend Alli was nice enough to let the whole band stay at her place like 5 minutes away. We got pretty lucky this whole tour with kind people that would let us stay with them. Whether it was old college buddies, relatives, friend of a friend or best of friends. The tour would have been very expensive without all of you. Thank You. I would do it all over again.

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