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oh... man, i can't even remember where we are right now... somewhere in a motel... in... massachusetts or connecticut... its about check out time and back on the rhode to rhode island (did you see my play on words??). our bruise count at the moment is Patrick (3), Casey (4), Carlos (18), and Tom (1)... but you should see the one on tom... it looks like he was kicked by a horse.

let see, since i last posted, i believe we've hit burlington and boston. burlington. beautiful. everybody in burlington, i'm convinced, has a congenital affliction of congeniality and helpfulness. casey ran into one of the DJs at The Point (big radio station in vermont)... which is always interesting meeting folks as such - there's that big slap in the face moment of "hmmm... this seems like an opportunity here... what to do what to do..." - and then you either act or you don't. casey... casey acts.

boston. ah, boston. carlos (once again) managed to drive us right into the middle of the city on newbury and parked the car getting us all excited thinking that we were playing in the cruxt of downtown boston. at which point came the famous c-love stick to the gut... "soooo, we have the wrong address." so we load back up and drive over the bridge, out of the city (or at least out of downtown boston) and into cambridge to arrive at our cosy "abbey lounge". we were very happy to see that there was indeed a stage and that the amplifiers were actually going to be mic'd this time. good folks at the abbey so many thanks to them and the other bands. mike, i hope your equipment recovers (i haven't seen anyone go sonic youth on their equipment in ages - was really spectacular).

so the deleted scenes... ahh... may good things be written about them one day and soon. doesn't matter if there's 10 or 100 people, those cats bring it every night - something all bands trying to carve out a little spot for themselves should take a note from... if you can't bust it out each night... its that much of a longer road ahead. perhaps the scenes could start educational clinics or something ;) at any rate, if you're reading this and haven't seen the deleted scenes as of yet, you're missing out. and for the next several days, you're lucky enough to see us with them too!!!! heh, heh!!

we'll speak soon darlings.

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