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"It's right outside your door, now testify!"

So, on our day off in Minneapolis, Bill and I decided to take a drive around town to see the sights. As we were driving, we saw something that made us slam on the brakes while saying, "What the Fuck?". I said to Bill, "Get your camera". We approached Mr.X (He wouldn't give us his name & he would not shake my hand) with cautious wonder. So, I got him talking and once we got on the subject of government...that was all she wrote. His public display of protest was all about....I don't know. He really didn't have 1 point, maybe like a blend of mis-directed anger, crooked facts and maybe even a little racism. Nonetheless, still an impressive use of his front lawn. I have to respect a man with something to say even though I couldn't follow what he was exactly saying. Well, he did tell us not to trust any country that has a predator (A bald eagle) for a mascot. Stay tuned for a video clip of our conversation, maybe..that's if the CIA doesn't stop us from publishing it first..

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