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"by tricks, by plans, by clever ideas"

hello all

i am checking in to share two facts.

fact#1 - is that i had forgotten how great a movie bladerunner is.  i watched it twice this past weekend after many years of thinking i had seen it enough times to never need to sit through it again.  that, coupled with my less than enthusiastic feelings of it vs the source material blah blah blah.......

fact#2 - we have some shows coming up. 

this saturday we are taking part in a benefit show for Haiti @ St. Stephens Church in DC.  Below is a description of the event taken from the 42bus ............

One year after a catastrophic earthquake near Port au Prince, Haiti, the task off rebuilding and redeveloping a nation continues at a painfully slow pace. Many there are still displaced, homeless, need continuing medical care and generally in dire straits. Groups in the U.S. and around the world continue to try to help.

100 Shows for Haiti is one of those organizations trying to bring the focus back onto Haiti. It is an idea more than an organization. They're helping organize and publicize events all over the U.S. on and around the January 12 anniversary of the Haitian earthquake. These are shows of the musical, theatrical or puppet variety, bake sales, potlucks, film screenings and more. Venues, materials and labor are donated and any money raised will be distributed to aid organizations; two in particular: Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees and One Hundred for Haiti.

In DC, the show will be put on by Positive Force. It happens this weekend January 15 at 7pm. The location is right across the street from Mount Pleasant; St. Stephen's Church, 1525 Newton St NW, at 16th St. Playing are Belfur, Möbius Strip, Archivist and Southern Problems. The show is $8. Proceeds go to the two organizations mentioned above. Good show, great cause. Consider going out.

We are playing with Mobius Strip, Archivists and Southern Problems and hope if you, the reader, can make it out you will stop by and say hi.

Fact#2 addendum -

On Feb 11th we are again taking part in a benfit show.  This time the beneficiaries will be the the Washington Animal Rescue League.  the concert will be held at the Strathmore mansion and is part of their Friday Night Eclectic series.  This is a fantastic place to see(and play) a show.  and furthermore is only a few miles from our warehouse, so itll be an easy commute for us.  happy dance balki. now..  we are going to be playing with Daddy Lion and Screen Vinyl Image.

we will be playing with a few extra musicians who we are working with on a new (soon to be named/announced) project and we will be playing a few new songs.

time to get back to work


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